CRS-4013, CRS-4000 occurred when stop and start cluster

Posted by Milo on June 19, 2014 | Short Link

A very interesting case :

Oracle RAC on HPUX IA64. When I ran DBCA to create a new database on existing environment. This error come out:

This is very strange error on a RAC, so I decide to restart the crs on each node. The crs_stat -t result on node 1 looked cool, but on node 2:

NOTE: There is different on this environment, host test1 has instance testdb2, while testdb1 is on host test2.


Stop the cluster error occured:

Oh, it sucks! I also looked into the css and crs log, no any log added.

When I reboot the machines, still no any output from log files.

After googling a lot, Yogesh Bhandarkar gave a workaround for this issue. Thanks  Yogesh. :)


Now let’s see what we gotta do.

Let’s deconfig the clusterware:


Now let’s rerun the script:


Now after the complete, clusterware goes to normal status.

I haven’t been figure out what’s real going on, but anyway, this is the way we fixed this.



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